Monday, November 7, 2011

Colour Block Bikini Tutorial - the bikini bottom

This tutorial starts with the bikini bottom at the end of the tutorial to assemble the pieces.  Really, all that is left to do is add the elastic.

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The elastic chart is shown in the pattern instructions.   Cut the elastic to length for the waist line and each leg.  Lap the ends of each piece of elastic 2cm and stitch together to form a loop.  Sometimes my sewing machine doesn't like doing this for rubber elastic, but it doesn't need to be sewn well; just enough to hold together.

Divide the loop into quarters and mark with a pen.  Do this for the waistline elastic and each of the leg hole elastic loops.

Pin the elastic to the waistline of the bikini bottoms.  Match one mark to the centre front, the opposite one to the centre back and the remaining marks should match to the side seams.

Stitch the elastic to the bikini bottoms using either an overlocker or a wide 3-step zig-zag on a regular sewing machine.

Now repeat this process for the elastic on the legs.  It is just a tad trickier to find the quarter points to match the elastic on the legs.  To do this, flatten a leg hole in half, matching the edges, to divide the leg hole into two.  Put a pin in each end to mark the half points. 

Refold the leg hole in two such that the half point pins are lined up with each other in the centre.  Again match the edges.  The ends of the fold should now be the quarter points.  Mark these with a pin.

Match your pen marks on the leg elastic with the pin marks on the leg holes and attach, again using either an overlocker or a wide 3-step zig-zag on a regular sewing machine.

Fold the elasticated edges to the inside and top stitch in place.  If you have a coverstitch machine, you could use this.  Otherwise, use a medium zig-zag on a sewing machine.  You want to position your stitch so that it is on the inside edge of the elastic NOT in the middle of the elastic.  This stops the elastic from rolling inwards when you are wearing the swimmers.

All your work is done now.  I will show a photo of the completed bikini in the next post.

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